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The Best Examples of B2B Platforms That Are Fast Growing

The idea of B2B commerce portals has been here for a long time now. However, throughout its existence, there has been a significant advancement in technology, and this has completely changed how things are working here these days. The internet gave birth to e-commerce platforms, and everything has wholly been digitized. Vendors no longer have to get in touch with B2B buyers through phone calls or fax no more.  Instead, they use e-commerce solutions to do this. Additionally, the buyers have unlimited control of the products purchased from their favorite B2B vendors.

The benefits of B2B e-commerce shops on companies include Speedy and secure communications; there is the direct integration of the transaction data in the company’s computer systems, and also it is possible to receive more offers and demands, thus taking the company’s competition to the next level. Other advantages include the depersonalization of the shipment, thereby, preventing any favor deals. Finally,  B2B e-commerce platforms take off the company’s hassle off their shoulders. This means that there will be fewer or no commercial visits, and the negotiation process then is prompt. When all the parties finish negotiating, the vendor can reduce or raise the price margin by a click of the mouse.

Examples of Exemplary B2B E-commerce Platforms Today

 In this list, you will get to learn about some of the notable B2b e-commerce platforms with the fastest growth ever since they got established.

  1. Tradegecko

Users love this B2b platform because it has a user-friendly interface, and also for its scalability. The platform is a product of SaaS. Therefore, it provides its users with the flexibility to expand or downsize their operations as per their needs. Here users have access to custom pricing, customization as well as reordering. The platform has many other features making this platform the perfect one for complete order management.

  1. Global Sources

This is among the first ever B2b platforms to be listed in the NASDAQ as GSOL. This platform is known for its quality suppliers from across industries. A couple of Chinese manufacturers die to pay considerable sums to get verified as confirmed suppliers. Though it was founded in 2000 in Singapore, it facilitates international trade as it brings both vendors and buyers together.

  1. eWorldTrade

This is the new kid in the block with pretty fast growth. It is a subsidiary of USA’s Reckon Media LLC, and focuses on digital media as well as providing technological services. The e-commerce platform has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Here is the place where multiple dealers, vendors, and manufacturers from across the world meet.

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