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Reasons Why You Need To Implement A B2B Wholesale Platform for Your Business

Modern businesses no longer require making a couple of phone calls, sending emails and paperwork anymore. The advanced mode of doing business effectively is by using the internet to run and manage your business.  The online platform allows wholesale traders to keep their activities on tabs, know their revenue numbers as well as order volumes and overall, will enable you to hit your business goals. Implementing a B2b wholesale platform for your business will let you maintain your brand identity through your custom domain, allowing yourself and your customers to log in safely and transact.

For long, the B2C e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay have been recognized as the leading e-commerce shops selling retail products. However, recently, B2B whole sellers are also streaming in to get the piece of the cake. No sooner have these wholesale companies exploited the online space than they are as per Forrester estimated to clock $1.1 trillion in the US alone by 2020. Their sales are also said to account for up to 12.1% of all B2B sales by this time. People are today avoiding the bricks and mortar stores and instead prefer to shop online as it gives them the freedom and convenience every B2B shopper needs. However, as the earlier statistic suggests, every budding B2B whole seller should think of venturing online and implement a B2B wholesale e-commerce platform for their business.

Benefits of Implementing the B2B Wholesale E-Commerce Platform

While there are multiple reasons why you need to take your wholesale business online, here are just a few reasons why you need to have taken it over there like yesterday.

  1. The Platform Enhances Customer Relationships

When operating in the platform, you will need to have various e-commerce solutions that will help you give your shop a user-friendly interface that customers deserve. These solutions will enable them to find their desired products fast and with ease. They will get access to their initial orders, and get access to accurate pricing, tracking and much more. This improves the customer experience and in turn boosts customer relationship, as you will experience multiple returning customers.

  1. It reduces cost

Another study suggests that it take approximately $150 to process a single B2B order manually. However, since the B2B wholesale e-commerce platform uses various solutions and integrations, processing an order automatically costs roughly $25. This fact together with the power of automation of business processes results in cost saving for your ebusiness.

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