Advantages of Implementing a B2B Wholesale E-Commerce Platform

A few decades ago, brands would have limited channels to push their brands through. They could either sell their brands directly to the retailers; alternatively sell to distributors who would then sell to retailers. This, however, was before the advent of the internet; but with the internet, most consumers prefer making their purchases online. This [...]

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Reasons Why You Need To Implement A B2B Wholesale Platform for Your Business

Modern businesses no longer require making a couple of phone calls, sending emails and paperwork anymore. The advanced mode of doing business effectively is by using the internet to run and manage your business.  The online platform allows wholesale traders to keep their activities on tabs, know their revenue numbers as well as order volumes [...]

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The Best Examples of B2B Platforms That Are Fast Growing

The idea of B2B commerce portals has been here for a long time now. However, throughout its existence, there has been a significant advancement in technology, and this has completely changed how things are working here these days. The internet gave birth to e-commerce platforms, and everything has wholly been digitized. Vendors no longer have [...]

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